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C++, C#, Engine Development, Gameplay, Tools

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Hello, my name is Onno Jongbloed, I’m a games developer and this is my portfolio site.

  • Worked at Triumph Studios for five years as a software engineer.
    Shipped Overlord 1 and Overlord 2 on PC/PS3/X360, both titles received favorable reviews.
  • All-round programmer with a flexible skill set. Specialized in Tools & Engine development.
  • A playable prototype demo can be played here, and runs within the browser without any installation requirements.


Shipped Overlord I and Overlord II

Working on Overlord was an extremely fun and invaluable experience. We had a relatively small but incredibly professional team.

I have worked on a large number of systems, ranging from gameplay to extending and maintaining the in-house engine and tools suite. Overlord 1 was released in the summer of 2007 for PC and Xbox 360.

Its successor, Overlord II, was released in 2009 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

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C++ Engine From Scratch: The Echelon Engine

Building this engine from the ground up was a rewarding exercise in engine design and development.

The engine is written in C++ with portability and flexibility in mind. As such, the game compiles and runs on Windows, Apple iOS and even on the web using Emscripten!

Engine Features:
  • Fully asset-driven, assets are uniquely identifiable and dependency information is automatically maintained.
  • From Low-level to High-Level application code; the engine is layered through libraries.
  • Entity/Component driven design.

Editor Features:

  • Integrated Model Importer that can import MAYA, Sketchup and Blender Collada models.
  • Integrated Level Editor with Per-Component Editing Tools
  • .NET Class Reflection can access the C++ classes; for example, the PropertyGrid control can edit assets, and properties can be bound to WPF forms.

The Prototype Demo

Vakkers! (a work title) runs on our Echelon Engine, targeting smartphones and tablets. Developed together with Remco Moll (Game Design, Art & Animation).

The prototype demo can be played on this website and does not require any plugins, provided you are using a recent internet browser (such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome), and runs within the safety sandbox of your browser! The C++ codebase has been compiled down to Javascript using the Emscripten Project. From a development point of view, it's Yet Another Platform to support :)

Gameplay footage is available on YouTube.


My primary expertise lies in developing the systems and tools that form the foundation of a game engine. A good, solid, foundation goes a long way in empowering the rest of the team. The right tool for the right job can make all the difference, and a system built to last can take some of the stress out of crunchtime.

However, I also enjoy writing gameplay systems, and at my time at Triumph Studios I found it very beneficial if everyone takes a walk out of their comfort zone regularly.

Code Samples

Animation System

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Engine Reflection System

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OBB Importer

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